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Breaking Barriers Every Day
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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
8:00 am
Good Books For a Parent whos adopted child seems to be haunted by its twin who passed?
Good Books For a Parent whos adopted child seems to be haunted by its twin who passed?

This is a long story which I promise to share later now that my connection is working better and the damage to the houes is almost done - but for now, does anyone have any good suggestions?

The person is the originial foster mom of the new puppy Rosko - which we both seem to think is why I was so drawn to adopt him in the first place. My husband and I could both sense interesting energies in the house when we first met Rosko. It took me a while to figure out how to broach it with the foster mom - who works with me as well.

The daughter is almost 13 and both would like help in learning how to overcome the fear and understand what is happening.

SUggestions would be greatley appreciated!
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
10:54 pm
On the Sociological Aspects of Humanity
I'm a bit ashamed of myself for neglecting the community. I haven't posted at all, nor have I tried to get new members. Hopefully, now is a new start. This essay is something I wrote about conformity in humanity.

On the Sociological Aspects of HumanityCollapse )

Current Mood: thoughtful
7:39 pm
wolf/protector or predator?
A wolf carried a small, glowing bundle in its mouth towards me. I greatly fear the bundle that he carries and I run, trying to climb on furniture to escape. I notice the chair that I am standing on in the corner of the room is well worn, red and has an English floral pattern.

The bundle in his mouth glows a sickening green color. As I am caught in the corner, I glance about for an escape route. The wolf looks me in the eye and as I jump off the chair to try to go up higher, the bundle flies from the, black razor sharp tentacles burst from the glowing mass towards me. 

One tendril shoots through my eye, through my skull and penetrates the wall behind me. The pain is sharp and quick, the thud is hollow as it pierces my head and the wall almost simultaneously. I also feel another go through my brow, another through my legs and arms. One passes through each of my meridians. 30 or so tentacles pin me against the wall.

Saturday, January 27th, 2007
8:15 pm
Kyanite and Astral Projection
Wearing Kyanite boosted my ability to project astrally tons. It really is amazing. I cant wear it for long periods still though as it makes my head feel tingly at first then starts to hurt after a while, in my forehead area.

I can wear it longer than I could at first, though. Also, it makes the spontaneous projection during work happen for me as well, so I need to work on that as well.

I wore it to bed and I kept having OBE's. I was tired, though, so I did not go as far and they did not last a long time. For some reason if I am tired, I can't see astrally as well, so I had trouble seeing around me. Interesting thing, I kept turning on the lights in my house, including the hall light switch that turns a light on my brothers side of the house. He was pissed that I kept turning the light on all night and he finally came over to tell me to quit it.

It was good to get external validation that my experiences were real and not a dream. He was a little freaked out because the I turned the light on, then disappeared from the room. He found me in the bedroom, where I had been projecting from.

Marty is still a little freaked about it. He is bothered by the mystical, etc and he called mom first thing today. I told him I was sleep walking and he must have turned around to look at the cat and I went back into the bedroom. I also sleep walk a lot and my brother is a little slow witted when he is on his pain meds, so he seemed to accept this explanation. Poor Marty.

The only thing is I have to work on shields again as it makes me a lot more sensitive to emotions around me as well, though.

Just thought I would share as it may help someone who is having trouble successfully projecting.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, December 25th, 2006
8:38 am
Past Dream
The air was crisp and cool with the smell of snow in the air. A large group of people had gathered outside on a hill to sled. The snow was a bit sticky, though, so we were having a bit of trouble gaining speed. A man took a running start and started sliding on the snow, only to stop after a few feet.

Another pulled out a huge barrel of something wet and shiny. He told us it would make the snow and ice very slick, like a silicon. He stared shoveling out the wet mass onto a track of snow. I could see this was not going to create enough ice, so I started to visualizing the ice getting thicker and thicker until it was about a full inch thick. The wet slickness on top made the trail very slippery.

I was watching the folks for a while sledding down the hill. I took a running leap and dove onto the icy ride. I started going faster and faster and I looked up to the top of the hill. I saw a familiar shaped parka from my past. It was a Menwith parka, blue and long. My sledding came to a stop and I was thrown from the ice into a drift.

We walked towards each other. Joe said he was only here for a very short time. He seemed a bit surprised that he was here himself. We walked about the snow, talking mostly about nothing. It was strange. It was like he was having an entirely different conversation than I was. He was not really very aware of where he was or what was going on. He just kind of knew I was there, but in a very dream like state. I knew his time was coming to an end so I asked if I could snap a few pictures with my camera. He agreed, although a little reluctantly.

I took a few pictures with the camera I had just used the other night to take a few self portraits. (This is a clear recollection in my dream of actual events, which is a little uncommon.) That night, I used to flash and just randomly shot a couple off while I was talking to a friend at 2 am on the phone. The conversation at the time was how she thought it was weird that any time we were together or talked on the phone, she felt tons better. She has mono, and is very drained right now, but she could feel the energy any time we talked. I was trying to see if I could get anything in the photo like an orb or whatever to capture the energy. I did not capture anything that night.

Sometimes when I take pictures, I can see glow balls of energy around folks that do not appear when you look at them directly. Most of the time they are much brighter in my minds eye than they appear on the photo later. It is as though because I am not looking at the subject directly, but through the lense, the entire picture changes because I seeing through my minds eye or my third eye. If I did not find the occasional glow or orb in the photo afterwards that OTHER people could also see, I would very much doubt my visions and my sanity. Now I just think it is a little odd but not very useful as I could never really explain this or prove it to another.

This time, as I was taking a picture of Joe, his face changed. His mouth became bigger and darker, and seemed to be sucking in light. He looked a little like a vampire or a leech. I looked at him without my camera, and he was typically looking down and to the side a little. I looked back in through my camera and he was looking at me, with the dark teeth and face becoming darker. He did not really seem evil, but he was sucking in energy - from me. I could see the connection to the past was some sort of line of energy that he fed from and was very one sided.

I put down the camera, hugged him, and he wandered off mindlessly.

I wish I could know if he dreamt of me. It would be good to have an external validation of a dream like this. It would be safe to do so, as it is clear the past feelings are gone. Now there are just lessons for us both to learn.
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
12:15 pm
Announcement #1
Hey there, it's your friendly neighborhood moderator making his first post. I also hope to post some experiences of my own soon, so as to be a real member, just like you.

Well, I finally did it: I have a member! =D So thank you, whoever you are, for joining AND posting. I'd appreciate it if you could make another post, saying a little bit about yourself. Nothing big, just anything you're willing to share. And if you could advertise this community elsewhere, I'd appreciate that as well. I'm hoping to get lots of members and a nice, active community.

Well, I suppose that's all I have to say for now. May this be a long-lived and prosperous community.

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, November 25th, 2006
10:17 am
shadow scars
I was laying in bed (in the dream) thinking about the nature of divinity and the many names that we call Gods and Goddesses. I wanted to embrace the actual divinity of goodness and light, but I did not know what to call it.

I called up all the feelings opened myself up and let the light in. I could feel my entire body tingle and warm as I let in the divine. I could see the light pouring down from ahead, but I saw the shadow taking shape outside my window, becoming angry and jealous. As the light began to fade, the shodow came to me, thick and menacing.

I grabbed hold of the shadow as it tried to enter me and held it in my hand. I poured the light into the shadow. I could feel it turning to ash in my hand, slowly burning up and screaming.

When I was done, I was tired. So very tired. I could see the imprint of the shadow burnt into my hand, words that I did not understand on the palm of my right hand. They were faded. I have been forever touched by the shadow, but only on the surface. It is a reminder to myself that I am stronger.

I have a responsibility to be a warrior of the light. You can not truly eradictate the shadows unless you are willing to grab hold of the shadow. Without grabbing the shadow, it slips away to come again another day.

The scar marks me as as a target to other shadows, though. This is why they watch me and haunt my dreams. They are waiting for my strength to fail, my will to become weak. They want to release the shadow from my hand and to extingquish my light.

When I woke up, I wondered that the spirit guides let me remember this dream. I am nervous, because most of the time the concious mind not be aware. Lessons such as these are are meant to be learnt on the soul level, incorporated into the higher self. I am frighted that I need to learn this with all of my souls and selves. I must prepare and learn.

I wake up for 'real' this time.
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