Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in soulcross,

Kyanite and Astral Projection

Wearing Kyanite boosted my ability to project astrally tons. It really is amazing. I cant wear it for long periods still though as it makes my head feel tingly at first then starts to hurt after a while, in my forehead area.

I can wear it longer than I could at first, though. Also, it makes the spontaneous projection during work happen for me as well, so I need to work on that as well.

I wore it to bed and I kept having OBE's. I was tired, though, so I did not go as far and they did not last a long time. For some reason if I am tired, I can't see astrally as well, so I had trouble seeing around me. Interesting thing, I kept turning on the lights in my house, including the hall light switch that turns a light on my brothers side of the house. He was pissed that I kept turning the light on all night and he finally came over to tell me to quit it.

It was good to get external validation that my experiences were real and not a dream. He was a little freaked out because the I turned the light on, then disappeared from the room. He found me in the bedroom, where I had been projecting from.

Marty is still a little freaked about it. He is bothered by the mystical, etc and he called mom first thing today. I told him I was sleep walking and he must have turned around to look at the cat and I went back into the bedroom. I also sleep walk a lot and my brother is a little slow witted when he is on his pain meds, so he seemed to accept this explanation. Poor Marty.

The only thing is I have to work on shields again as it makes me a lot more sensitive to emotions around me as well, though.

Just thought I would share as it may help someone who is having trouble successfully projecting.
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