Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in soulcross,

wolf/protector or predator?

A wolf carried a small, glowing bundle in its mouth towards me. I greatly fear the bundle that he carries and I run, trying to climb on furniture to escape. I notice the chair that I am standing on in the corner of the room is well worn, red and has an English floral pattern.

The bundle in his mouth glows a sickening green color. As I am caught in the corner, I glance about for an escape route. The wolf looks me in the eye and as I jump off the chair to try to go up higher, the bundle flies from the, black razor sharp tentacles burst from the glowing mass towards me. 

One tendril shoots through my eye, through my skull and penetrates the wall behind me. The pain is sharp and quick, the thud is hollow as it pierces my head and the wall almost simultaneously. I also feel another go through my brow, another through my legs and arms. One passes through each of my meridians. 30 or so tentacles pin me against the wall.

As I am pinned to my wall, I can hear my heart beat loudly. I realize no blood is dripping from the entry points. I am unable to move any part of my body. The wolf looks at me and walks away slowly.

Several grey beings enter the room and remove the bindings. I can feel them tearing at my flesh and my insides, but again no blood is in site. The only sound is the sucking of my insides along with my ragged breath. My lungs and heart struggle to move as the rest of me am frozen. I pass out.

I awaken in a painfully bright room. I can see more grey shadow beings hovering around me. My breathing is the only silence. One is suturing each entry point, starting from the inside. I can smell burning flesh as it burns its way out. The scarring and pain is horrendous. I try to scream and push them away, but I can make no noise. I mentally shout and one looks up, surprised. He grabs a very long needle and presses it into my arm. I pass out again.

I wake up again. I have no idea how much time has passed. Half of my body is covered in burnt holes. The other spots where the tentacles have been torn free is healing slowly, leaving no sign of scar at all. I scream again into grey surgeons’ mind. He pulls another needle out, and stabs it into my leg. I am thankful to see the room slowly fade away as my mind enters another coma.

I reemerge from my coma on a couch. I am lying with a blanket over my legs. Several caretakers are watching over me, making sure I do not move. The wolf once again enters the room. The watchers back off a little and seem to be afraid. I shout mentally at them to not hurt the wolf as he was not the one who had hurt me.

The grey watchers continue to back off as the wolf leaps onto the couch. He starts to eat at my leg, but I am still unable to move. This time, though, I can feel no pain as he rips away the flesh. It feels as though he is ripping off a heavy load of rotting, infected scars. I shout mentally to them to leave the wolf alone as he meant me no harm! I pass out again.

I wake up back in the bright ‘operation room.’ The grey beings have amputated all of my limbs. They are shaving off my ribcage area around my shoulders. I am relieved to see no blood. They start to reassemble my body with artificially grown limbs and skin. I notice that this time they are not burning the wounds, and I am healing with no sign of prior trauma. I hear a thought of one to the other asking how many eggs it had removed this time.

I focused on the thought. This time! I start to panic and try to escape. As I scream in mental anguish and anger into their minds, the being looks up again. This being is till surprised at hearing my mental scream. This time he plunges the needle upward from the base of my ribcage until it enters my heart. I mercifully pass out again.

I wake up again in bed. This time I am in my bed. The wolf is lying beside me, with her head on my stomach. She is watching after me, and I drift off to sleep under her protective gaze.

I wake up for ‘real’ this time.

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