Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in soulcross,

shadow scars

I was laying in bed (in the dream) thinking about the nature of divinity and the many names that we call Gods and Goddesses. I wanted to embrace the actual divinity of goodness and light, but I did not know what to call it.

I called up all the feelings opened myself up and let the light in. I could feel my entire body tingle and warm as I let in the divine. I could see the light pouring down from ahead, but I saw the shadow taking shape outside my window, becoming angry and jealous. As the light began to fade, the shodow came to me, thick and menacing.

I grabbed hold of the shadow as it tried to enter me and held it in my hand. I poured the light into the shadow. I could feel it turning to ash in my hand, slowly burning up and screaming.

When I was done, I was tired. So very tired. I could see the imprint of the shadow burnt into my hand, words that I did not understand on the palm of my right hand. They were faded. I have been forever touched by the shadow, but only on the surface. It is a reminder to myself that I am stronger.

I have a responsibility to be a warrior of the light. You can not truly eradictate the shadows unless you are willing to grab hold of the shadow. Without grabbing the shadow, it slips away to come again another day.

The scar marks me as as a target to other shadows, though. This is why they watch me and haunt my dreams. They are waiting for my strength to fail, my will to become weak. They want to release the shadow from my hand and to extingquish my light.

When I woke up, I wondered that the spirit guides let me remember this dream. I am nervous, because most of the time the concious mind not be aware. Lessons such as these are are meant to be learnt on the soul level, incorporated into the higher self. I am frighted that I need to learn this with all of my souls and selves. I must prepare and learn.

I wake up for 'real' this time.
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