Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in soulcross,

Past Dream

The air was crisp and cool with the smell of snow in the air. A large group of people had gathered outside on a hill to sled. The snow was a bit sticky, though, so we were having a bit of trouble gaining speed. A man took a running start and started sliding on the snow, only to stop after a few feet.

Another pulled out a huge barrel of something wet and shiny. He told us it would make the snow and ice very slick, like a silicon. He stared shoveling out the wet mass onto a track of snow. I could see this was not going to create enough ice, so I started to visualizing the ice getting thicker and thicker until it was about a full inch thick. The wet slickness on top made the trail very slippery.

I was watching the folks for a while sledding down the hill. I took a running leap and dove onto the icy ride. I started going faster and faster and I looked up to the top of the hill. I saw a familiar shaped parka from my past. It was a Menwith parka, blue and long. My sledding came to a stop and I was thrown from the ice into a drift.

We walked towards each other. Joe said he was only here for a very short time. He seemed a bit surprised that he was here himself. We walked about the snow, talking mostly about nothing. It was strange. It was like he was having an entirely different conversation than I was. He was not really very aware of where he was or what was going on. He just kind of knew I was there, but in a very dream like state. I knew his time was coming to an end so I asked if I could snap a few pictures with my camera. He agreed, although a little reluctantly.

I took a few pictures with the camera I had just used the other night to take a few self portraits. (This is a clear recollection in my dream of actual events, which is a little uncommon.) That night, I used to flash and just randomly shot a couple off while I was talking to a friend at 2 am on the phone. The conversation at the time was how she thought it was weird that any time we were together or talked on the phone, she felt tons better. She has mono, and is very drained right now, but she could feel the energy any time we talked. I was trying to see if I could get anything in the photo like an orb or whatever to capture the energy. I did not capture anything that night.

Sometimes when I take pictures, I can see glow balls of energy around folks that do not appear when you look at them directly. Most of the time they are much brighter in my minds eye than they appear on the photo later. It is as though because I am not looking at the subject directly, but through the lense, the entire picture changes because I seeing through my minds eye or my third eye. If I did not find the occasional glow or orb in the photo afterwards that OTHER people could also see, I would very much doubt my visions and my sanity. Now I just think it is a little odd but not very useful as I could never really explain this or prove it to another.

This time, as I was taking a picture of Joe, his face changed. His mouth became bigger and darker, and seemed to be sucking in light. He looked a little like a vampire or a leech. I looked at him without my camera, and he was typically looking down and to the side a little. I looked back in through my camera and he was looking at me, with the dark teeth and face becoming darker. He did not really seem evil, but he was sucking in energy - from me. I could see the connection to the past was some sort of line of energy that he fed from and was very one sided.

I put down the camera, hugged him, and he wandered off mindlessly.

I wish I could know if he dreamt of me. It would be good to have an external validation of a dream like this. It would be safe to do so, as it is clear the past feelings are gone. Now there are just lessons for us both to learn.
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