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soulcross is all about...well, just about anything, on one condition: it has to have something to do with you and/or discovering yourself. Here, we look to ourselves through what we experience, and relate that to others who are part of the community. Whatever the experience was, share it. A dream, what someone said, inspirational lyrics in a song, anything. It doesn't matter how big the experience was, either. So long as you learned something from it, it counts.

You could also post something you wrote that is close to your heart in some way. A political essay, poetry, short story, you name it. Post ANYTHING. So long as it has to do with you, it counts. Got it? Cool.

Joining soulcross means you will be joining people who are non-judgemental (I, as maintainer, will make sure of that), who won't flame you, and who will try to help you seek out what you're looking for—even if you don't know what it is yourself. Our hand is reaching out. Take it.

When you join, leave an entry telling about yourself. Anything you'd be willing to share is welcome. And be sure to take the journey and share it with all of us.

On the journey down life's path, one will meet new people all time time. Perhaps, one day, our souls will cross as well.

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